The Kindness of Jazz at MacKay

The Kindness of Jazz is a ministerial initiative of MacKay United Church. It recognizes music as a language that can speak to the soul, often more clearly than the language of words. An offering of worshipful connection, in which the intention of musicians and the openness of listeners create a space in which to share our common humanity.

MacKay's Kindness of Jazz program encompasses:

  • Music and Meditation, which is happening at MacKay in the sanctuary, every Tuesday evening until April 7th and then the first Tuesday of the month in May and June

  • performances by Evensong

  • Jazz in June Thursday noon hour concert series

  • various musical offerings across the city in churches and in community oriented spaces, such as  the Alpha Art Gallery.


Once again MacKay opens its Sanctuary doors to the Community to enjoy some wonderful lunchtime jazz concerts free of charge! Peter has lined up some amazing musicians this year to entertain us all so come join us - and bring a friend!

June 4 : Peter Woods (sax), Miguel de Armas Jr (piano) with Edra Silva Cavada, vocalist

June 11: Roddy Ellias Free Spirits Trio - Roddy Ellias, guitar, Chris Pond, bass & Jose Hernandez Garcia, drums

June 18: The Kindness of Jazz featuring Tom Reynolds (piano), Peter Woods (sax), Leah Cogan (vocals) and Chris Pond (bass) & Jose Hernandez Garcia, drums

June 28: Ferline Regis (vocals) with Leighton Anthony Rodney, piano