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Minister's Message

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At MacKay, we hope to do one thing: provide ‘bread for the journey’. This may take the form of food and hospitality. It may simply be a word or a song. It may be an experience of stillness….or perhaps it’ll be a busy conversation over a cup of tea. You may find that nourishment in worship on Sunday morning, but it may also happen at Choir practice on Thursday night…or at Monday Bible study. God’s abundance is all around us, and not simply within the life and activities of a church. I hope you are sustained by the work you do and by the books you read, by the breath you take and by the people you meet. I hope you find inspiration and renewal and community in your life…and I pray that MacKay Church might be part of all of that. Bread for the Journey. Pain pour la Route.


I’m convinced that sharing the journey is key to a healthy spiritual life. We don’t need to agree on all the details. We do need to be encouraged and affirmed, reminded of God’s blessings flowing freely through this life and this world. 


We all need help to do this work and deal with both the pains and joys of living. It’s our deepest hope that being connected in some way with MacKay might help you on that journey of life…of faith…of being. As the ordained minister serving MacKay, it’s my privilege to name the many blessings around us and to invite us to live inspired lives. 


I welcome you to the life of the MacKay congregation in any way that works best for you. Check out our website, connect with us on social media, be with us on Sunday morning as we gather weekly at 10:30 am, and participate in any of the activities listed on our calendar. Feel free to contact me as you connect with MacKay. We can only be ‘bread for the journey’ for one another as we get to know each other.



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