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The pastoral care team at MacKay offers comfort and support to members of the congregation through visits, calls and prayers. Pastoral care volunteers keep in touch with older members in retirement homes and long-term care facilities by making regular visits. They respond to the needs of any members of the church who are experiencing challenges such as illness, bereavement or personal distress.


A prayer pyramid is maintained by pastoral care team members who are able to devote time in prayer as a means of support. This is a discreet and confidential practice of the church. It can be initiated at any time by a single phone call to the chair of the committee: Maurie Barrett (613-744-3632).


In December, pastoral care works with the minister to host the Bittersweet of Christmas service for those who find the holiday season to be a difficult time. Team volunteers organize the reception following this thoughtful service of reflection and remembrance.


Training is provided for team members through a basic 10-week course, as well as continuing education programs.  This is offered by The Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program. We also organize regular in-house workshops on topics relevant to our immediate challenges.


Pastoral Care

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