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In Christ's name, we will live our vision... responsibly using our collective skills, resources and capabilities to build and sustain MacKay United Church, to care for and comfort others and to seek justice in the church, local community and the world.

-Mission Statement


Regular outreach initiatives such as support to Centre 507, to refugee families, to various organizations through fundraising like the “Loaves and Fishes” lunches, meditation circle, and provision of worship services in seniors’ residences take place regularly. 

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team at MacKay offers comfort and support to members of the congregation through visits, calls and prayers. Pastoral care volunteers keep in touch with older members in retirement homes and long-term care facilities by making regular visits.

How You Can Get Involved

We rely on the help of volunteers to keep help run our services. It is a great way to connect with our community.


As a church, we are involved in both involved in several initiatives, serving both our local and international communities. While some initiatives are pursued by our larger community, others are done by individuals.  However, all are welcome to get involved in any of our initiatives. 

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