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Sunday School

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Sunday School and Nursery have been suspended until further notice due to Covid 19. 

Godly Play

Godly Play at MacKay United welcomes children to an innovative and unique program, which creates a story around the children so that they find themselves right in the middle of a Biblical scene, and then it invites them to look around, make observations, ask questions, and “wonder” about what it means and how it might affect their own lives. “Storytellers” and “doorkeepers” work together to make this a safe and exciting experience.


From Godly Play Canada: "Godly Play is a "spiral curriculum." In the circle of Godly Play, the same core stories are told year after year. Through the retelling of stories at different ages and stages and with different individuals in the circle, we go ever deeper into the stories of our faith, we strengthen our Christian identity, and we trust the Spirit to reveal something new with each telling. The connections and relationships made possible through the internet, seem to provide endless connectivity.

Maya Dubuc in Pageant Choir Robe - Nov 2

Youth Group


Older Children join our youth teacher to further delve into the stories and reflect on their messages and application in the current day. We also further our understanding through presentations of original plays and songs based on the bible. Another important aspect of this group is a number of fundraising initiatives to support local not-for-profits. 

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